Through the Where the Rain Falls project, we have defined the values to which we aspire through our research, advocacy, education and programming activities:

PEOPLE: We are people-focused. We want to provide knowledge and empowering solutions that improve vulnerable people’s ability to make smarter decisions that ensure food security in the face of climate change.

DIGNIFIED CHOICES FOR FAMILIES: We want to strengthen vulnerable people’s ability to make their own decisions on how to respond to changing climatic conditions– including the option of migration– in a dignified and empowered way that reduces vulnerability, increases resilience and ensures food security for their families.

ADAPTIVE CAPACITY: We want to help ensure that families have more options– for livelihoods, income sources, or migration– and access to the political, social and economic resources needed to exercise those options. More diverse livelihoods and a broader asset base can decrease their sensitivity and exposure to rainfall variability.


FOOD SECURITY: We want to improve people’s ability to be more food secure, through the promotion of diversification, information and productivity.

HUMAN MOBILITY: We want to understand and address the implications of migration as an adaptation choice to aid in the reduction of global food insecurity.

ADVOCACY & PROGRAMMING: We want to influence policy and programming in a way that enhances the capacity of governments, civil society, the private sector and local communities to better understand and effectively address the relationship between changing weather patterns, food security and human mobility in the world’s most vulnerable countries.