Native potato cultivation, community of Acopalca

“My name is Teodoro Córdova, I come from Acopalca and I would like to thank CARE for helping the community by providing native potato seeds… Similarly, we learned to harvest pine mushrooms for our own consumption and to sell some at a good price. Training and technical support also help us know a little more about native potatoes and pine mushrooms”.

“The native potatoes we grow with the support of the CARE staff are in good health. So far, they have not been affected by potato late blight or potato stalk borers because we are controlling these pests and diseases thanks to technical support… this season, we can notice that the fields are in good health, we will be able to eat native potatoes of this harvest and sell some, while expanding our cultivated fields for the next season”.

“Although there are pine mushrooms in the community’s fields in the pine forests, they go to waste since we do not know how to manage them. That is why CARE provides us with the necessary training to take advantage of the pine mushrooms, so that we can eat or dry and sell them since we can get a good price for them”.