Thailand – The adaptation of Uncle Tiloy from Huay Khong village

Mr. Tiloy Pontechodom, aged 65 years, is living at 125 Moo 5 (Huay Khong village), Yang Peang sub-district with his wife Mrs. Supor Pontechodom, aged 62 years. They have 3 children, 2 women and 1 man.  All of their children are already married and are living separately with their families.

Mr. Tiloy is active and hard working. In the past, he developed and improved his 8 plots of land by himself. He divided them and gave them to his 3 children. He kept only one plot of land (about 5 Rai) for farming. He uses 2 Rai for the rice-paddy fields with 2 water wells that can raise fish during the rainy season.  The other plots of land are used for the upland rice cultivation and cash crop plantation such as tomato, cabbage and red chili. He rotates these crops every 2 years. Moreover, he grows coffee and fruit trees like mango, kaffir lime, jack fruit and lemon.

Mr. Tiloy was inspired by the concept of the climate change adaptation.  For him, the climate, such as human body, changes and evolve sas time goes by. So, he thought to adjust himself in term of both body and mind (as he has to adapt himself to the current climate change) to the changes.  He decided to quit using opium and alcohol to be more “effective”, to have his farm near his house as he is becoming older and more tired. He has also committed to improve and use his available farm lands using the approach of the integrated agriculture practices which is more resilient to climate change. His farming field can now provide him everything he needs such as rice field, crop plantation and fruit orchard. The most important thing is that this concept provides a tangible outcome which can be clearly seen by everyone for its benefits. This idea of the climate change adaptation can be also expanded to other interested people either in his community or neighboring ones.

At present, Mr. Tiloy is a community-based water management committee member, working on climate change adaptation, supported by Rak Thai Foundation under the project Where the Rain Falls.  Mr. Tiloy attends meetings of the working team to make a plan for the water system improvement and to establish rules and regulations of the community-based water management. He plays an important role in passing on his value experiences on the integrated agriculture to other community farmers who will be able to adapt themselves and have better quality of life like Mr. Tiloy.

By Mr. Montree  Somyot













Photos by Mr.Phet Thongdee