Promoting Positive Change. Empowering People

Climate change policy and its implementation at all levels will have far reaching consequences for the ability of poor and vulnerable populations to make decisions about migration and adaptation that will enable them to live in dignity and maintain or increase their food and livelihood security. The Where the Rain Falls study sheds light on the circumstances under which poor and vulnerable populations look to migration as a risk management strategy in response to threats to their livelihood and reveals the conditions that can facilitate or hinder their ability to make an informed, free choice to stay or to move.

Where the Rain Falls aims to enable a range of stakeholders, including global, national and local policy makers and southern civil society organizations, to better understand and effectively address the relationship between changing weather patterns, food security, social inequalities, and human mobility, in addition to empowering these stakeholders to influence policies, plans and practical interventions at an international, national, and local level. Through our advocacy at global and national levels, we will contribute to enhanced societal resilience and stability in the face of climatic and other environmental changes.

With the aim of enhancing the understanding of key stakeholders and influencing national and international policy at the intersection of climate change, food security and human migration, CARE and UNU staff devoted substantial time and effort to a range of outreach activities, including:

  • Launch of Global Policy Report and Case Study Reports at a side event and press conference at COP18 in Doha;
  • Paris launch event hosted by the AXA Group and CARE France;
  • Local and national level policy workshops hosted by CARE Country Offices in each research country (more than 1,000 total participants);
  • Presentation of findings at the CBA7 in Dhaka in a session chaired by Mary Robinson;
  • Presentation of findings to Washington, DC policymakers and practitioners at an event hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center; and
  • Policy brief developed for COP19 in Warsaw.

 To read the latest Where the Rain Falls policy brief developed for COP19 in Warsaw in November 2013.